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Where Does One Go After 'Growing Pains'? Where Is Jeremy?

BY: Bod Grebe
Copyright 1999
University Wire (April 30, 1999)

Where's Jeremy?

Growing Pains has been off the air for 7 years now and the entire cast has gone on to bigger and better things. Well, expect one--Jeremy Miller.

Miller played the loveable Ben Seaver. All of America watched Miller grew up on television, and we sympathized as he matured through puberty.

Now we are all wondering, where's Jeremy??

Using omly the internet as a research tool, I set out to find the answers. After all, if you can't trust the infomation of the internet, who can you trust?

In the course of my research I found that this extremely talented actor has been missing in action the past few years. Someone as incredibly gifted as he should still be in the Hollywood spotlight.

Miller had done some guest appearances on television in the late 80's and early 90's, but since the final curtain fell on Growing Pains in the spring of 1992, the casting directors haven't been calling.

Miller's rise to super-stardom was quick as the budding young star established a screen presence before seen from a sitcom child actor. September 24, 1985 will always be a date remembered as the dawn of his promising career with the aring of the first Growing Pains episode.

Who could forget the time "Ben" gave his father an ashtray that he had made had made as a present? Or what about "Ben's First Kiss"?

After 166 episodes at the top of the acting profession, it was clear that Miller was destined for a career on the big screen.

But it was not to be. Since the untimely end of Growing Pains, Miller has only been seen in the 1993 made for television movie, Based On an Untrue Story, where he played the character, Jackie. This has come as a surprise to many Hollywood critics.

Critic Eddison Carter has been one of Miller's biggest fans since the first time he witnesses Miller's unbelieveable talent first hand.

"Never has a star shined so bright in Hollyowood, expect maybe that Urkel kid," said Carter. "It is truly a shame that Hollywood's blacklist has claimed such a special, person."

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