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Oh my goodness! Only a few days between updates. Could this be a whole new trend for The Archive??? I truely hope so because you all deserve more. :)

Ok I promised links to Jodi's photos last weekend. I had full intent of putting them up however imagestation removed their upload link. I finally got it working and created her own album. You can view those photo's here.

Photo's submitted by Jodi

With all the "bad" press Tracey has been recieving since her arrest I thought I would put a bit of a different spin on the situation. I dug through the filing cabinet and found this article. It is from September 1997. Her son Sage was only a few months old. This is probley my favorite interview Tracey has ever given. There is also some great photo's of Tracey and Sage with this article. They are gonna have to wait until I install my scanner. However I typed this article for you all and hope you enjoy it as much as I did. I think it shows she is not the "bad person" she is being made out to be.

Tracey Gold's Bright Future


Here is what I have put together on Tracey's DUI case. Some links, charges and punishments. I am hoping to add more this weekend but I had the oppertunity to get some overtime at work so.....

Tracey's DUI Information


Well did you think I would ever make it back? I should know by now nothing ever goes as planned, especially when it comes to this website! This was suppost to be a simple weekend long changeover. No hassels no problems. Just simple deleting old files uploading the new ones. We even picked a perfect weekend! I had 3 days off work so I actually had time. Well Jen and I forgot one thing...She was moving to college that same weekend! So when I hit the occasional snag in my fool proof plan I did not have her sitting there a click of the enter button away! Let me tell you I really missed her. I had to enlist the help of my best buddy, Kelly. So Kelly thank you for all the help you gave me throughout this and Amber, thanks for putting up with me :) You are both the bomb digity! I actually have a pretty funny story about the few days the site was gone...but perhaps another time.


Jars from the messageboard sent a video tape to me. Thank you very much again Jars. The tape contains episodes of "Kirk" staring our own Kirk Cameron and Chelsea Noble. I am going to put it in my handy dandy vcr and make some handy dandy video captures for you all to see. Thanks again Jars. I owe you :)


Jodi Bausmith also made some very valuable contributions to our little community. (I am only using her full name with permission). She sent along some photos and links. Jen hasn't saw these yet but being a huge Kirk fan I know she will love them.
Jodi's shared links are:
Campfire Fly
Fitness Feind
Dystonia Foundation
Christianity Today

I will be adding the photos later this week.


right now alot of the pages are simply links to the IMDB. These pages will be removed as I create actual Archive pages. I did this to possibly give you all something to look at while I work. I have been working on this for about a hour every morning (4:15 to 5:15A.M. that is about all the free time I have right now.)


Tracey's Page has a few problems. This page inparticular has held up putting The Archive back online for about a week. Everytime I fix it something else goes wrong. Her Photos and Articles will be back by Sunday. I have decided I am gonna have to rewrite the whole thing. Incase you haven't noticed this is no longer simple html coding. I also can not find a photo for Jermey and Ashley right now. These will be coming also. They are on one of the 3000 discs sitting here!!!!

Have fun, Enjoy and keep checking back cause things are gonna start coming up fast. Gidget

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