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October 9, 2004

Growing Pains II commerical

My children and I were just watching The Disney Channel and they showed a commerical for the new movie. It really does look like the house from the first movie. It looked like they were having another meeting in the bathroom. I have a tape running because I would love to get some new captures from it to hold us over until next week.
I am really getting excited now.:)

October 8, 2004

Congradulation Tracey & Roby

Today is Tracey and Roby's 10 wedding anniversary. I am always impressed when any married couple lasts this long without being "celebrities". I love watching interviews where they speak of each other. You can really see the love between them. I was hoping to have a special graphic's tribute finished for them this morning but it just didn't go as planned. Perhaps I can get that working correctly this weekend. Again, Congradulations Tracey and Roby!

October 7, 2004

I really didn't have a chance to add anything today :(. I did fix the Kirk and Chelsea link. I spent sometime listing the recently added articles on the article sections for the cast members. However I ran a bit short on time. I have been recieving some really nice email about the site. Thank you all very much. I should mention I basically only check my mail once a week and normally only reply on the weekends. So I am not brushing anyone off. Well, got to run.... See ya this weekend. :)

OCTOBER 3, 2004

Since it is October I thought I would start to get into the holiday spirt. Since we decorated our house today, I thought I would decorate The Archive.

Lets start with a new article for Mr. Alan Thick.
In Thickness and In Health

Since I am doing a update on this day. I want to wish my little boy, Codey a very happy 9th birthday. My children visit the site and help me out from time to time.


How about a article for Kirk and Chelsea?

article 2

Anyone ever notice how hard it is to find a article about Jeremy Miller? Well we have one so enjoy.

article 3

Lets look over a older article for Joanna Kerns while we are at it.

article 4

Leonardo DiCaprio has a new movie coming out. Inside Edition and Extra both showed a clip of the movie. I made some captures for all you Leo Fans to check out.

The Aviator Original Captures

Here are a few captures I think you all will enjoy. These are from Access Hollywood and Extra. They showed a few second clip of the Growing Pains II:Home Equity. They were running in the background of Tracey's arrest story. So I made stills of them for you all to see.

Growing Pains II: Home Equity Original Captures

Speaking of Tracey...Did you all know she hosted a new infomercial? I have been trying to tape this infomecial with no luck. If anyone gets it let me know...

You Can Draw

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