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January 9,2005


By now I am sure you all know that Tracey Gold appeared in court and changed her not guilty plea to guilty. I would like to point out a couple things.

1. Just because she was arrested for DUI does not make her a aloholic.

2. Just because she made the bad decission of driving while intoxicated with her children in the car does not make her a bad mother.

I had my doubts about why she was conducting her own tests on the blood and honestly felt that is was a way to pospone her sentencing until after the holidays. Honestly, unless you have never drank before you know when you are intoxicated. A minumun of a hour would have passed between the time the accident occured to when the police adminsterd the blood test on her. Her B.A.L. would have actually been much higher when she actually made the decission to drive.

I have been around a long time, I have watched 100's of people go to court for DUI and honestly I have saw none of them win. The tests are the bottom line. I know as a former juror that the tests are always the deciding factor in these cases. I have also watched 100's of people get the lighter end of the sentencing instead of the maximun. I highly doubt she will go to prison for this. Not because she is a celebrity or she confessed but because this is America and you can drown your children and get away with it here (that is a rant for another day). I don't feel that prison is the answer to this growing problem. I am also strongly against court ordered rehab. All court ordered rehab does is keep counsors in work and spend tax dollars that could be used to feed our hungry, house our homeless, heal our sick and educate our youth. Rehab normally only works when the addict wants it to work. They have to want it with all their heart. Prison just takes up more tax dollars. I would like to see a new form of community service put into place. Not normal community service where they are picking up trash along the freeways. A form of community service where the detainies are to serve time with the Law Enforcement offices, Fire Departments and The Ambluances. I would like to see everyone convicted of DUI be at the scene of accidents (not all at one time of course!). Let them see first hand what the accidents look like, how lucky they are to not be dead or in a car so badly mangled that the jaws of life can barely get the person out. Let that person be first hand to watch the family of the victum of a drunk driver make the decission to disconnect life support. Give the drunk drivers something to remember for the rest of their lives. Make the drunk drivers feel grateful they have a life to live.

Wow, sorry Gidget kinda got off on her own personal mission there. Bottom line is this Tracey is not some monster for driving drunk. This website will continue to support her and wish her the best in all aspects of her life. Tracey is my favorite actress and DUI is one of my most hated crimes. During times like these Tracey needs to know she has her fans support more than ever.

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These are just the articles that were delievered to my mailbox. They all basically say the same thing.

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