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November 23,2004

Hotlinking Photos

This really isn't a update but a warning. Someone has been hotlinking photos from my site onto theirs. This is done so my bandwidth is used and not theirs. I have a team of people searching for the site doing this. This will not continue. I do not right click disable my photos to prevent others from using them. I do make alot of the photos myself using my capture card and paintshop pro. The team of people are looking for Growing Pains pictures that have a url that goes back to my photo albums. So far this has cost me 2 photo accounts. Two accounts have been deactivated due to hotlinking. There were 100's of photo's that I had not made visable in these accounts that I can not access. When I find this site it will be quite embarrasing so my best advice to this person is. disable those links, upload the photos onto your own server and stand on your own. To all the people who have nothing to do with this please disregaurd this message. If you have been to a site and have saw some of my stuff please share the site with me so I can check it out. They are not only hurting me but all the visitors that enjoy looking at photos. Like I said I lost access to a couple hundred photo's that I had not made public. Again I am not looking for people who are using my photos on their site. Please do so because it is a compliment,Linking the whole album like I have them linked is fine (for now I have to change that because of this) but if you are just linking the individual photos from my albums and not from your own server well...consider yourself warned. Again to all the innocent people reading this please accept my appolige and disregaurd this notice, this isn't about you.


November 21, 2004

New Sections/New Look

I have said before I spend alot of time thinking at work. I call it my zone. If I think about what I am actually doing I will go crazy. I think about new sections and changes for this webpage and others. I have been thinking about why we love The Seavers so much. Is it really the wonderful actor's and actresses? The writers, direction or lighting? Perhaps it is the characters themselves? I like to think it is a combination of all of these things. So...I did a mental inventory, I have a section for the actors, a section for the episodes, writers, directors, producers and crew. What about the actual characters??? You know Jason, Maggie, Mike, Carol, Ben, Chrissy not Alan, Joanna, Kirk, Tracey, Jeremy and Ashley. What I started doing was making notes as I was making captures. Things the characters liked or disliked, things they did or accomplished. As always this is a work in progress. The character facts are taken from the episodes themselves.

I also added a video section listing all the videos we have offered.

The new look...that is simply running small photos down the sides of the pages. That space has always been there I just wasn't happy with what it was intended for. If I ran links down the other side I would have to constantly change them thus creating even more work for myself. This just kinda happened by accident and I am very happy with the results. The pages look more balanced. They also seem to have alot more color. Another huge plus is I don't have to change them if I don't want to or have time.

The Charater sections and The video section are both listed in the meun. Hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed making them.


Tracey's Day In Court

A re-cap, Tracey was arrested in September for driving under the influence. She rolled her SUV. She and newborn son Aiden were unharmed but Her husband and two sons substained minor injuries.
October 18,2004 she pled not guilty of the 3 felony charges against her and was due back in court on November 19, 2004. Her attorney requested a split of her blood sample for their own testing purposes. They were hoping to sit down with the judge and settle the case out of court.

Photo's of the crash scene

Election Campagin Coverage

Leonardo DiCaprio did alot of campaigning for Sentor John Kerry before the Nov 2 election. I did not want to take the chance of turning the message board into a political debate board. So now that the election is over and George W. is still our President and Kerry is back in The Senate. I will start posting the video's Leonardo did for Senator Kerry.

Access Hollywood - Political Leo

Tracey Gold On Good Morning America

No you didn't just miss something. I was looking for The Good Day Live video and came across this one. When "For The Love Of Nancy" was set to air for the first time Tracey dropped by the GMA set for a few minutes. I only have this video because a guy I have not spoke to in years sent this video to me. Some of you might remember his now deleted page. Woogizoid's Tracey Gold Page. When I watched this I couldn't help thinking about how nice Woogie was and wonder where he is today. Woogie if you read this send me a email.

Good Morning America - Tracey Gold Promoting For The Love Of Nancy

by the way I am still looking for The Good Day Live video.

More News Coverage On Tracey's Arrest

Inside Edition - Tracey Gold's Arrest

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