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September 9, 2005

I just added a filmography for Kirk on his page. I have linked the page for his sitcom "Kirk" there.


Welcome to the weekend! I didn't get to add much last week because I was having a horrible alergic reaction. I am gonna try to put alot in this weekend. What I put in today and tommrow will probley be it for the whole week. I am leaving for Virginia Beach on Wednesday. The only electronic devices I am taking with me will be my camera bag. I was going to take a laptop do download digital photos. Maybe when I get back I will link my private photo page to this site.
I am going to extend the tv schudule to next weekend instead of just 7 days.
Also, September 24 I am going to post a special update. I have been working on it since I got my computer back. It's a celebration if you will.
By the way, my basement is now huge! I forgot how much space was actually down there after we removed 6 years of "We might need this so put it in the basement". My boys are still having their garage sale next week. They decided to call it the "Mom and Dad went on vacation and didn't take us so we are selling their stuff and donating the money to Katrina" sale.

p.s. I have no idea why the text is getting larger as you scroll down the page. I have everything sat at the same size. I will work on figuring that out later.

September 9 - 18


Terror in the Family

Directed by Gregory Goodell. Starring Joanna Kerns, Hilary Swank, Dan Lauria, Kathleen Wilhoite, Andy Kavovit, Adam Hendershott.

A ``perfect'' family must confront long-ignored problems when a teenager's rebelliousness turns to violence. 120 minutes- USA, 1996, (CC)
Fri Sep 16 09:00P on Lifetime

The Man With Three Wives

Directed by Peter Levin. Starring Beau Bridges, Pam Dawber, Joanna Kerns, Kathleen Lloyd, Madge Sinclair, Michael Flynn.

Based on the true story of a prominent physician who was married simultaneously to three different women. 107 minutes- USA, 1993, (CC)
Sun Sep 18 01:17A on Lifetime Movie Network


Captive Hearts
Directed by Rex Piano. Starring Tracey Gold, Robin Givens, Chris Kramer, Tobias Mehler.

A detective becomes close to a woman while investigating the kidnapping of her husband. 120 minutes- 2005, (CC)
Fri Sep 16 02:00P on Lifetime

A Crime of Passion Directed by Bill Norton. Starring Tracey Gold, Powers Boothe, David Chokachi, Kelly Rowan, Jessie Gold, Rod Rowland.

A teenager turns against her older sister and helps their stepmother frame her for the murder of their wealthy father. 105 minutes- USA, 1999, (CC)
Fri Sep 16 09:45P on Lifetime Movie Network

Sat Sep 17 02:39P on Lifetime Movie Network

Intimate Portrait

Tracey Gold

Actress Tracey Gold. 54 minutes- (CC), In Stereo
Mon Sep 12 04:51A on Lifetime Movie Network


Nine Months

Directed by Chris Columbus. Starring Hugh Grant, Julianne Moore, Tom Arnold, Joan Cusack, Jeff Goldblum, Robin Williams, Mia Cottet, Ashley Johnson, Joey Simmrin, Alexa Vega.

A psychiatrist's carefree lifestyle is violently uprooted after his longtime girlfriend announces she is pregnant. 120 minutes- USA, 1995, Video, SS
Sun Sep 11 04:00P on FX Network

Mon Sep 12 02:00A on FX Network


And You Thought Your Parents Were Weird!
Directed by Tony Cookson. Starring Joshua Miller, Edan Gross, Marcia Strassman, Alan Thicke, Susan Gibney, John Quade.

Two juvenile inventors discover the spirit of their departed father now inhabits their robot creation. 95 minutes- PG, USA, 1991, (CC), Video, In Stereo
Sun Sep 11 07:35A on TMC Movie Channel

Fear Factor

Starring Joe Rogan. Celebrity edition with Stephen Baldwin, Kevin Richardson, Alison Sweeney, Kelly Packard, Alan Thicke and Ali Landry. Host: Joe Rogan. 60 minutes- (CC), In Stereo
Sat Sep 17 12:30A on WOR New York

Miracle Pets
Boris in the Big Apple/Gift Horse/Kitty CPR

Starring Alan Thicke.

An injured dog escapes an airport; a pony gives birth in the winter; a fireman performs CPR on a kitten. Host: Alan Thicke. 60 minutes- (CC), In Stereo
Sat Sep 17 06:00P on Pax TV

Leonardo DiCaprio

Gangs of New York

Directed by Martin Scorsese. Starring Leonardo DiCaprio, Daniel Day-Lewis, Cameron Diaz, Jim Broadbent, Liam Neeson, John C Reilly, Henry Thomas, Brendan Gleeson, Roger Ashton-Griffiths, Salvatore Billa.

A young man plans to avenge his murdered father in Martin Scorsese's epic tale of Irish gangs in 1860s New York. 170 minutes- R, USA, 2002, (CC), Video, SS, In Stereo, Adult language, adult situations, graphic violence, nudity
Mon Sep 12 03:15A on Encore

Mon Sep 12 09:45P on Encore

Tue Sep 13 10:45P on Starz #2

Wed Sep 14 06:35A on Starz #2

Sun Sep 18 06:10P on Starz #2

The Quick and the Dead

Directed by Sam Raimi. Starring Sharon Stone, Gene Hackman, Leonardo DiCaprio, Russell Crowe, Lance Henriksen, Keith David, Gary Sinise, Kevin Conway, Bruce Campbell, Pat Hingle.

A drifter with a haunted past pits her gunslinging skills against a townful of quick-drawing mercenaries. 110 minutes- R, USA, 1995, (CC), Video, SS, In Stereo, Adult situations, violence
Tue Sep 13 05:15P on Starz

That Was Huge


Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet become pop culture icons with ``Titanic.''. 30 minutes- N
Sun Sep 11 10:00A on E! Entertainment TV

Mon Sep 12 03:30P on E! Entertainment TV

Thu Sep 15 06:30P on E! Entertainment TV

This Boy's Life

Directed by Michael Caton-Jones. Starring Robert DeNiro, Ellen Barkin, Leonardo DiCaprio, Jonah Blechman, Eliza Dushku, Chris Cooper, Gerrit Graham, Carla Gugino, Tobey Maguire, Zachary Ansley.

In 1950s Seattle, a rebellious youth locks horns with his new stepfather. Based on Tobias Wolff's book. 120 minutes- USA, 1993, (CC), Video, SS
Sun Sep 18 02:00P on A&E


Directed by James Cameron. Starring Leonardo DiCaprio, Kate Winslet, Billy Zane, Kathy Bates, Frances Fisher, Gloria Stuart, Bill Paxton, Bernard Hill, Jonathan Hyde, David Warner.

Director James Cameron's Oscar-winning epic centering on a pair of young lovers aboard the doomed 1912 luxury liner. 195 minutes- PG-13, USA, 1997, (CC), Video, SS, In Stereo, Adult language, adult situations, violence
Mon Sep 5 08:00P on Cinemax

Fri Sep 16 07:15A on Cinemax

Fri Sep 16 10:00P on Cinemax

What's Eating Gilbert Grape

Directed by Lasse Hallstrom. Starring Johnny Depp, Juliette Lewis, Mary Steenburgen, Leonardo DiCaprio, Darlene Cates, Mary Kate Schellhardt, Laura Harrington, Crispin Glover, John C Reilly, Kevin Tighe.

A self-sacrificing grocery worker is pushed to the breaking point by the constant demands of his dysfunctional family. 120 minutes- PG-13, USA, 1993, (CC), Video, SS, In Stereo
Fri Sep 16 01:20A on HBO Family

Sat Sep 17 04:00P on HBO Plus

Sun Sep 18 08:45P on HBO Family

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