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April 8, 2005


Friday night I was watching Access Hollywood. They had a short clip from Monday's Show. Tracey Gold will be her guest. So check your local listings and set your vcr's. She was talking about being arrested and handcuffed if front of her children. I will post the clip later today.

March 29, 2005


We are getting another message board. I tried to get another account at Boardhost and they now want money. Actually most of the message board hosts want you to pay for your account. A friend of mine has been working on a site of her own. It looks alot like The Archive because I gave her access to my stylesheets. She linked a message board to her site. She and I have decided to share the message board. Her site is about celebrities from the 80's so we will fit right in. She is in the finishing stages of the site so the link should be made active in a couple weeks.

March 27 ,2005


This is Kirk's real life family.


JEN and I would like to wish everyone a Happy Easter. I will be up most of the night preparing my portion of the family dinner so I will continue to add things between timer rings.


Tracey Gold Sentenced March 21,2005 Inside Edition


I am uploading a couple files from March 21, 2005. One is a interview with Tracey and her husband. It also includes some in the courtroom footage. I am making stills for those who don't wish to download the files.


Many of you have contacted me concerning The Message Board. Many of you might be getting your emails returned undeliverable. It was just chance that these two things happened together. The message board...We are not sure what happened. I wrote Boardhost and their answer was the files were deleted. This might be connected to several of my accounts being hacked in the last few weeks. I am still undecided if I am going to get a new message board.
The return email...Just by pure chance I changed Internet Providers and had preschuduled my Adelphia account termination.


This is a segment of VH1's The 80's Strike Back. Tracey made some comments about leg warmers and shoulder pads. If you lived through the 80's and survived all the hair spray you should be able to appericate this clip. hehe

VH1 The 80's Strike Back Fashion Tracey Gold

Tracey Gold Gets Probation

By Charlie Amter
Tracey Gold (news) is about to get familiar with public transportation in Southern California.

The former Growing Pains star lost her license, in addition to getting some serious probation and community service time, when she was sentenced Monday for her 2004 felony DUI arrest.

Gold, best known for playing brainy Carol Seaver on the hit ABC sitcom, was put on three years' probation, given 30 days of county work release, ordered to perform 240 hours of community service and had her license suspended for a year. The judge meted out the punishment two months after a teary-eyed Gold pleaded guilty to her role in a scary auto accident.

Her husband, Roby Marshall, and two of the couple's sons were injured in the Sept. 3 wreck in which the family SUV, piloted by Gold, went off the road and rolled down an enbankment. Gold and the couple's infant son escaped unharmed.

The 35-year-old actor's sentence could have been worse, if she had not hit the public shame circuit.

"The judge chipped some hours away from her community service since she has already been using her celebrity to let others know about the dangers of drunk driving," Ventura County District Attorney Jeff Gorell told E! Online Monday.

Gold took to the airwaves in the weeks prior to her sentencing in an effort to prove her remorse for the episode, including a stop on Larry King Live in January.

"I never, ever should have been driving that night, and it was a horrible, horrible, horrible decision," she told King.

Despite her initial innocent plea in October and downplaying of the number of drinks she had that night, Gold admitted to King that "I feel like I do have responsibility for the fact of getting behind the wheel of a car after having had something to drink."

"If something truly catastrophic had happened that evening, I don't know how I could have lived with myself, and I feel like I've gotten a second chance. And I don't believe that things happen in vain. I believe that they happen for a reason, and I believe that this happened to me and to my family for a reason," she told King. In exchange for a lighter sentence,Gold is expected to continue doing PSAs and talk-show appearances as part of her 240 hours of community service, according to Gorell.

Life after Growing Pains has had its share of low points for Gold. After the show ended its seven-year run in 1992, Gold made headlines after going public with her battle against anorexia. She continues to speak out on the dangers of eating disorders.

Acting-wise, Gold has racked up credits in more than 30 TV movies, Most recently, she reteamed with the rest of the Growing Pains crew for the two-hour reunion special, Growing Pains II: Home Equity, which aired in October. She also appeared in the 2004 reality show Celebrity Mole: Yucatan.

Source: E Online & Yahoo News Service
****Some People were worried this would hurt her career, Well it looks like she got a lighter sentence because of being a celebrity and is going to get exposure from it which will more than likely boost her career. hum....****

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