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June 18, 2005

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I just have a couple things I need to fill you all in on.

1. The red x's you are finding on some of the photo pages I have been working on lately are not broken files. I make the pages in advance then add the photos later as I find them.

2. I am adding the message board link to the new pages I make or anything I have to open. Until further notice bookmarking the forum or using the link on the top of this page is your easiest way to access the message board.

3. MY NEW PART FOR MY COMPUTER JUST LEFT THE FED EX RAMP IN CLEVELAND OHIO!!! (Which means if I knew where their ramp was I could drive over and pick it up) So cross your fingers and send me good computer thoughts that this is the last piece I need to replace and that my capture card and harddrive avoided any problems when it broke.


I was watching Nick @ Nite and saw they are going to air Growing Pains on June 21. I don't think they are gonna run the whole series. It is their 20th Anniversay so they are airing shows that aired in 1985.


I wanted to put something new up for you all but since I am still using the rented computer I can't capture any new tapes. I was going through some old discs and found some clips. These are old but I hope you enjoy them all the same.

Jeremy Miller

Leo clip 1

Leo clip 2


I am not sure what is going on with that other site and the new message board. I don't know when I am gonna have time to fix my computer. In the last 6 days my father in law and grandfather in law both passed away. I will be pretty busy dealing with the estates. I am gonna try to go through some old floppy discs while I have this rental computer because it has the 3.5 drive. When I built my computer I saw no reason to have one so I didn't install one. I am doing the best I can, please hang in there with me.



I have been going through old floppy discs and found some photos and stuff I would like to share. Please click on the link of what you would like to view. enjoy :)

Some of the Trading Cards


Tracey page 1

Tracey page 2

Tracey page 3





I will upload more as I find them.

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